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Things to Consider when Photographing your Artwork

There are many ways you can photograph your work! You could scan your work with a scanner but your smart phone can be used really well, especially when it comes to social media! They can be shared to social media straight away.

So here are a few tricks…

  • The lighting! Either daylight (natural light as best as) or with 4000 kelvin bulbs which is cool toned as well as a warm effect. Lighting is key to a good photo, but watch out for reflected light!
  • Ensure you’re taking the photo parallel to the painting, so that the viewer is seeing the painting as is it was on a wall. Plus it’ll help you if you’re going to use a framing app to enhance how your painting might look in a frame! Sometimes too, use the 3 seconds timer on your phone, so that once you press to take the photo you have some wiggle time to get the best shot!
  • Sometimes when using daylight, the angle of light is coming through from a window. Therefore across your work making one side lighter than the other. You can help by placing an open book of plain paper on the darker edged border to bounce back the light to you painting.
  • If you have a really textured painting where you’ve gone all-out impasto, you might want to consider taking some angled shots, emphasising that texture. Many buyers love to see that texture and can be a game-changer in selling your work!

Guys, if you have any direct questions? Hit me with them in our Facebook Group page or Messenger, I’ll be happy to help.

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