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My First Ever Pet Portrait

I thought I’d share this one with you all… This is my first ever portrait of someone’s dog who had to go to sleep!.. But it has another story behind it. My wife came home with the photo, knowing I could draw, and she asked if I could paint it for her friend she works with. Of course I said yes. I didn’t have a clue about paint at all, so I went to my local hardware store and got a set of basic acrylic paints, a little 8×8 inch canvas all for about 20 bucks.

Now it’s 2.5 years on and I’m in 3 galleries with my landscape oil paintings. I get pet commissions all the time. And I own my very own online gallery too (had to plug that in there haha). So the point I’m trying to share is, it’s amazing where one favour you do for someone and by being nice, can then send you on a journey to something you never thought of or even if you had it in you at all, in the first place!

I’ve since then met some incredible, influential lifelong friends, from all over the world. I’ve fallen out with one or two also, but over all I’ve learned so much about me and I’ve brought about balance in my life from something I’m now incredibly passionate about. Just thought I’d share.  It’s all about the journey! ?

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