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Diversify Your Ways Of Selling Work

Channelling only one way to sell your work is only going to narrow your market. Imagine what would happen if all your work was only being shown through Facebook! Then Facebook went down and crashed! It happened… What if it never came back again? You have now lost your only revenue generator.

Consider doing prints of your work, to then be able to reach out to a more potential clients. Creating more revenue from just one standalone piece of work, other than focusing on a sale of just the original. Even after the original has sold, you can still be selling prints of your work.

Another diversification is the way you photograph your work. Different angles of your work? With or without a frame? How it might look on a wall to scale in a home etc. There are many apps that you can use that can provide you with all the above mentioned and some are even for free, or for a very small price to subscribe to.

Essensially it’s key to broaden your approach to selling your work and the way in which you convey it to people, especially when uploading it the your Finesse Gallery page.

Stay tuned for the next blog regarding photographing your work!

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