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List your art, and manage your portfolio and sales through our easy dashboards. All from just $3 per listing with zero sales commissions.


Browse, search and filter our interactive listings to find original and unique wall art. And deal direct with the Artist.


My Story & The Big Idea …

Let Me Explain

I’ve been so disappointed with everything about selling my art through galleries, both off-line and online that I decided to do something about it!

The Finesse Gallery Values & Manifesto


Finesse Gallery will always put the artist first.

We believe in enabling you as an artist to maximise your income. We want you to keep 100% of your income, and stay in full control of every sale.

By engaging directly with your buyers, you can grow a client base and turn buyers into collectors of your work.

We believe in empowering you to manage your portfolio as effectively as possible, with our online dashboards and sales tools. And we will never pass judgement on whether your work is suitable.

We believe in charging fees which reflect the fact that you do all the work; we just need to cover our operational costs and not much more. We will never charge monthly fees or commission.


How It Works

You will be able to purchase single ads or discounted packages of ads. There will be no time limit on how long it takes you to use up the ads you have purchased.

Once you are ready you can create a listing by uploading images and setting the details like the title, description, price, and ticking a few boxes to tell us all about the type of image, such as the genre, medium, subject, size etc.

This will allow us to make it easy for buyers to find what they’re looking for and put your art in front of the right people.

You will be able to manage your portfolio with your own interactive dashboard which will tell you all about the activity on your portfolio. You will be able to edit all aspects of your ad listings.

Buyers will be able to make direct contact with you to allow you to negotiate and complete the sales process, without any interference from us!

That way, unlike other galleries who prevent you from making any contact with your buyers, you get to build up your own client base. And you will be able to make direct offers to your clients on new artworks in the future.

Making it easy for buyers to find what they want and for artists to get their work discovered.


Our Listing Fees

Our rates couldn’t be simpler:

  • We charge zero commission on your sales.
  • And not a penny in recurring monthly ‘membership’ fees.
  • Just a flat one-off fee per artwork for a 6 month listing.

That’s it. Nothing else!


Your Artist profile page, your porfolio management dashboard and unlimited images to accompany each listed artwork all come as standard.

Not a penny more to pay.

You deal direct with buyers and keep the entire funds from all sales.



Gallery Tips & Community

We're bringing together some of the best sales and marketing information possible, to empower our artists to really maximise your sales online. We'll be publishing an ongoing series of high quality and informative articles, videos, and running an open forum for artists to share ideas and experiences.


Our vision is a global collective of artists enjoying increased revenue and a cameraderie around a shared love of creativity with fair recompense!

Make Yourself at Home


We have an active group running where artists can collaborate, share experiences and ideas, and get the most from joining a community of like-minded creatives.